Jamf Apple Service

Gardens & Museums IT have deployed Jamf across the Gardens & Museums estate to ensure that all Apple macOS devices are correctly managed in line with University of Oxford Information Security guidance, and to offer improved services and support to Gardens & Museums Apple users.

These pages outline the service and some of the key features.


Jamf is the leading Apple (macOS and iOS/iPadOS) device management platform, allowing for simple and efficient administration of all Apple devices, including iMacs, MacBooks and iPads.

Jamf offers the following functionality:

  • Apple Deployment and Management
  • System Security and Software Updates
  • Software distribution and Application Management
  • System Administration and Inventory

Jamf is a Cloud Service and therefore has no dependencies on the University Network so once an Apple Device has joined it can be looked after wherever it may be – so will be safe, secure and supported at all times as long as it has an internet connection.


Jamf offers increased security to the Gardens & Museums Apple Computers, ensuring that they reach key parts of Information Security guidance. The following security elements have been implemented.

  • Password Policy (min 8 characters, age 365 days)
  • Screensaver password & timed activation (15 mins)
  • File Vault Encryption – All MacBooks and offsite iMacs are encrypted
  • Sophos Endpoint Security – Antivirus and Malware Protection
  • Gatekeeper - restricting Malware and malicious software installs
  • Lock & Wipe - If machine is lost or stolen it can be remotely locked or wiped
  • Managed Software Updates – the system will prompt on the availability of software updates, and force if not carried


Software Applications, the access to, and installation of is a major advantage which Jamf offers via a list of standard applications - these standard applications will be installed when the Apple device is added to the service. Also, a number of pre-approved applications are available for simple installation via ‘Self Service’.

‘Self Service’ is one of the key components of Jamf, and allows for commonly used Applications and System Configuration items to be made available for simple installation or access by the end user without the need for Administrative access. Additionally, it also holds links to a number of helpful websites in the ‘Bookmarks’ pane.

Access to ‘Self Service’ is either through a University of Oxford icon on your dock or in the ‘Applications’ window.

gmit self service


Standard Applications Installed by Default:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, Power point
  • Sophos Endpoint Security
  • Safari Internet Browser

Applications available in ‘Self Service’:

  • Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • VLC Media Player
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN


System Configuration Items available in ‘Self Service’:

  • Mount Connect Shares
  • System Updates (if available)
  • Temporary Admin Access (please see below)


If there are other commonly used applications which you think would be beneficial to be added to ‘Self Service’ or an application which you require please write to it@museums.ox.ac.uk.


Logging in to an Apple Machine is via your University of Oxford SSO (Single Sign On) Login. Despite the Apple Service using your SSO system, some backend configuration is required to allow your account access to an Apple Computer.

If access to an Apple Computer is required, please write to it@museums.ox.ac.uk with the details of who requires access, and to what machine (asset tag or serial number) and please allow up to 7 days for completion.


If you have a new member of staff beginning in your department who will be using an Apple Computer a request will need to be made to it@museums.ox.ac.uk in order for a User Login to be created.

Please supply the following information at least one working week before the start date so that this can be facilitated.

  • Name:
  • Department:
  • Line Manager:
  • Apple Asset Tag or Name (if known):
  • Location of Apple:
  • Start Date:

Additionally, if access to the CONNECT File Shares is required the new member of staff will also require a CONNECT Account. In this instance Line Managers will need to visit the IT services requests page and select the ‘CONNECT New User’ option. During this process please be sure to enter any CONNECT File Shares the new user will need access to.

A CONNECT New User request can take up to one working week to be provisioned and is dependent upon a University Card and Single Sign On Account being in place.


We understand that there are times when software needs to be installed or certain things can require Admin Access, and in some instances over a period of time. With this in mind a feature which is available is the temporary allocation of admin rights to your computer.

We can, if a justified reason is given, allocate administrative access to your Apple computer. If this is given it will appear within ‘Self Service’.

If at any point you require Admin Rights to your Apple Computer please send an email to it@museums.ox.ac.uk with the reasons why Admin  Access is needed and for how long and we can assess the requirement and establish the best means forward.


CrashPlan (previously known as Code42) is the University provided and recommended tool for the backing up of University of Oxford data. The service is designed for use on single user computers such as the desktop or laptop which you use for work. Please refer to the CrashPlan document within the Documents section of this website for more details: https://it.museums.ox.ac.uk/article/documents