Multi-factor Authentication Update

Graham Ingram, Chief Information Security Officer for the University has sent an update this morning (see below) regards the MFA Project, and a timeline adjustment to it.

Some of you may be aware, and may have encountered some issues which were not anticipated with the Phase 1 Implementation (change to Single Sign On Login process) which subsequently caused significant disruption to the University. As such a decision has been made to delay the second phase (implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication) until January 2021 - please see the updated pages for Information.

IT Support Staff (ITSS) (or those registered as) will continue to be fully migrated tomorrow (November the 17th). Therefore we will have a greater knowledge of the process, and will be able to feed in to this with our knowledge and experiences.

If you have any questions please do reach out via



Dear colleagues, 

I am writing to update you on the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Project and to apologise to many of you who experienced disruption.

In particular, the implementation did not go well for many Secure WebLearn users.  For exam security reasons, it was necessary to replace the additional verification on Secure WebLearn sites at the same time as the implementation for the IT Staff Pilot Group.  The objective was to ensure continuity of access.  The many permutations of operating systems, browsers, mail clients and mobile phones resulted in enrolment difficulties onto MFA delivering the opposite to our intended effect.

The Project Board has agreed a delay to the rollout of the second phase of MFA delivery until January 2021. This will allow us to learn from the initial implementation and significantly improve the experience in time for the second security step to be added. We will be in touch with local IT support staff with further information shortly.  

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any disruption experienced at an inopportune time.  


G B Ingram

Chief Information Security Officer