Support from 5pm Friday 18th December 2020 to Monday January 4th 2021

Support from 5pm Friday 18th December 2020 to Monday January 4th 2021

As Christmas quickly approaches, I wanted to outline the support mechanisms in place for those working over the festive period.

In line with University closure the Gardens & Museums IT Team will be away from 5PM on Friday 18th December 2020 to 9AM on Monday 4th January 2021. During this time the Gardens & Museums IT Service Desk will be closed.

An Out of Hours Support Service will be in place via the University of Oxford IT Services called NorMAN, which some of you may have already utilised in the past as it has been in place for a number of years within the University of Oxford.

The NorMAN Service Desk are well versed in assisting with common problems, and offering guidance on a number of the IT services provided by the University of Oxford, including…

  • CONNECT Managed Desktop (including File Shares & Forgotten Passwords)
  • Chorus Phone Service
  • Nexus365
  • Mosaic Websites
  • Network

If you experience an issue over the Christmas period please call *01865 6 12345*, and your call will be directed and triaged by the NorMAN Service Desk. Before calling please assess whether your need is urgent, or whether a simple work around is available, such as using another computer, printer or phone. In the event of a serious matter, or major incident an escalation will be raised to one of the Gardens & Museums IT Team directly.

Please find attached the Gardens & Museums ‘Introduction to IT’ document (we hope to have this information on-line later this week and will send an email once available) which offers guidance, advice and instruction on how to resolve a large number of potential issues. In particular the following pages may be useful:

  • Page 6: University of Oxford IT User Accounts and their associated Services
  • Page 10: CONNECT – Useful Information & Process Guidance
  • Page 12: GMIT Jamf Apple Service - Useful Information
  • Page 15: IT Problems – Self Service Resolution and How to continue working
  • Page 17: Nexus365 - Access and Setup
  • Page 19: Microsoft Teams & Remote Meetings
  • Page 24: Adding a CONNECT File Share to your Computer
    Page 29: Eduroam: Device Configuration Instructions 
  • Page 31: Remote Access – Using the University of Oxford VPN Service

Please also check the IT Services webpages ( for information, as a large amount of pre-existing documentation and instruction is already in place and available 24x7. Below are links to particular areas of the IT Services website which may prove beneficial.

Please view the documentation attached and the IT Service webpages before making a request as the answer to your question, or any guidance you require may already be available to you.

Thank you for reading through this email, and I hope you all have a wonderful, restful and trouble-free Christmas.