Update Wednesday 6th January 2021

Gardens & Museums IT – Update Wednesday 6th January 2021


We hope that you are well, and managed to have a restorative break despite the ever-changing state of the country.

There are a few updates that we would like to give so please read on and if you have any questions related to the information below please write to it@museums.ox.ac.uk.


IT Support

The further restrictions which came in on Monday night, and in particular the closure of schools, have had an impact on our team as we are sure is the case across GLAM.

A number within our small team are parents so will now have the additional pressure of childcare and home schooling. All efforts will be made to ensure our service levels remain high but you *may* notice a longer response time as we try to balance these extra pressures alongside support requests and project work across the Gardens & Museums. We appreciate your understanding and patience regards this.


Webcams & Remote Working

Though many of you will be fully set up for Remote Working, some of you may find yourselves once more working more from home and may identify additional requirements. If this is the case please get in contact via it@museums.ox.ac.uk, so that we can offer guidance or discuss options.

In line with this over the Holiday period we took stock of the long-awaited webcams. IT Services have committed to providing webcams to CONNECT Desktop users and have liaised with Senior Administrators directly regards this. But if you do not fall into this category, or require a webcam to fulfil another requirement, including using with your own machine at home, please get in touch via it@museums.ox.ac.uk to discuss.


Gardens & Museums IT Website

We are delighted to announce that the Gardens & Museums IT Website is now live, and can be viewed here: https://it.museums.ox.ac.uk/.

The site covers a lot of different IT areas, and includes useful information including…

  • How to obtain support
  • Contact details and information on the Gardens & Museums IT Team
  • Information and guidance on commonly used systems and services
  • News, updates and documentation

Please do bookmark the address so that the site is easily accessible to you.

As with any website additional content will be regularly added, but if you think of anything which you would find particularly beneficial to be included please do get in contact via it@museums.ox.ac.uk.