CONNECT is the University of Oxford IT Services provided Windows Managed Desktop which offers a number of services, including CONNECT workstation authentication and network file share access.

Nearly all users across the Gardens & Museums will have a CONNECT account. For those using a CONNECT Windows Computer this will give access to their computer and the associated servers, for all other users (Apple and Non-CONNECT computers) this will provide File Share Access.

To reset your CONNECT password at any point  you will need to be either at your computer in your office to do this, or have the Oxford VPN connected.

Full and comprehensive information on the CONNECT system can be found on the University of Oxford IT Services Help pages.

  • CONNECT Managed Desktop Login
  • CONNECT File Share Access


If you use a CONNECT Managed Desktop you will be asked for this information on initial log in. Once logged in you will have access to your CONNECT Desktop and associated File Shares and settings, such as Default Printer.

Your CONNECT Login can be used on any CONNECT Machine within the University, and your user experience will be the same on these machines (with the exception of any specially installed software).


If you do not use a CONNECT Windows Machine, for example if you are an Apple user you may still need to access the CONNECT File Shares where most of the Gardens & Museums data resides. To access these, you will need your CONNECT Username and Password.

Instructions on how to access the File Shares can be found in the ‘CONNECT – Adding a CONNECT File Share to your Computer’ document.